Product Marketing

Product marketing is the key to your success online. Our strategies for product marketing range from giving away free reports (a very popular online marketing strategy), to creating CD’s, DVD’s, Books, Video’s, Facebook Widgets, White Papers, Press Releases, Rebrandable Columns, Interactive Business Cards, Branding Items for giveaways and more.

Here is a small sample of the products we have Written, Designed and Developed for companies interested in product marketing:

Product Marketing

The REST of ‘The Secret’ CD
The Law of Attraction Report part 1 & 2
3rd Chakra Meditation CD
The Psychic Path of Gold Book
The Golden Path Workshop CD set
AstrologyChick 4D Horoscope Newsletter
Love Keys Workbook

Product Marketing

The key to successful Product Marketing is to first understand your Target Market and what type of content they will have a loyal, excited and fanatical relationship with. Then provide them with content that they want to use, read, and have an ongoing relationship with. Product marketing is all about selling your brand, putting it in the hands of the consumer and allowing them to take ownership of that product. Once the consumer feels like they own the product, your product marketing job is basically done because that is when the customer becomes a brand enthusiast, or as I like to call the best of them – a brand evangelist!

How creating brand evangelists allows your product marketing to practically take care of itself: let’s think of a brand that has evangelical followers – APPLE. Let’s take Apple, Inc. as an example because I would consider myself to be at the very least a fanatical Apple supporter, and possibly even an evangelist. I use this example of product marketing and brand loyalty to point out that there is no negative association with being a loyal supporter of a brand when it is done right.

Product marketing done right: Apple, Inc. is not just a brand with fanatical followers, it is a great American success story, and that is one key to it’s success.  When we think of the list of successful product marketing stories from Apple, the list goes on and on. Starting with the game changing clamshell laptops, Apple was able to bring the brand back from the verge of certain collapse and near doom. They did this by creating loyal followers, by listening to the market and responding to what they wanted. Apple discovered a huge well of frustration with consumers of Microsoft based pc’s in the marketplace. They responded with a clever product marketing campaign that completely set themselves apart from the grey boxes that dominated the market. This appealed the the creative, high end side of the marketplace – a demographic that was being severely neglected.

product marketing

The response was not just the success of their product marketing efforts, but the creation of fans and customers who were willing to pay a LOT more money to buy their products. To the fans it was worth it to have a company that seemed to listen to them, and give them what they wanted. This success has been built upon and increased with other successful product marketing campaigns by Apple, Inc. for the game changing iPhone and now the iPad.

The Product Marketing Strategy that Apple used tapped into a huge wellspring of frustration and even anger that existed in their marketplace and used that to create a band of loyal customers who felt an almost heroic sense of achievement by not just owning an Apple product, but also being part of their incredible comeback as a company.

Today, with the economy on the ropes, there is actually an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for brands, just like yours, to use product marketing to create a story of success and overcoming hardship in the marketplace. This provides the unprecedented opening for YOUR BRAND to be the solution to your customers problems. It is just a matter of finding the right product marketing strategy to use.

Is there an equal amount of pent up emotional energy in YOUR marketplace that can be tapped into in your own product marketing? With a little research we can discover it, tap into and provide the solutions through a product marketing campaign that uses YOUR product to solve the customers problems. And that is Product Marketing at it’s very best.

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