4 Skye Diamond – Hippies, Yippies and other Misfits

The world starts to spin, a kaleidoscope of colors dances around her. Star-beams trail from above and bathe her from every direction. “Oh!” Everything begins to melt together around her. He waves his fingers in the air in front of her, she laughs at the waves of colors that dance across her vision.

“Everything is melting.” she laughs.
“I know” He leans way in so that his face is right next to hers.
“You’re melting too!”
He laughs, “And then what?”
“You’re eyes.”
“A gypsy… ”
“Mmmm Hmm…”
“No, a sailor. No, a captain.”
“Follow me.” She does.

Inside the tent with Slim the world starts to spin around them, she collapses into his arms.

“You’re a rainbow fairy.” he tells her, taking the barrettes out of her hair. She looks at them and laughs.
He unzips her dress.
“Whoosh!” She giggles.
He runs his hands along the skin on her arms.
“Oh!” Her eyes widen into saucers as she suddenly looks into his eyes.
A tunnel of light opens up. Suddenly they are holding hands and flying through the cosmos, riding waves of colored light from one Galaxy to the next, passing a deep purple-blue planet, a corona of golden light surrounds it. She inhales in awe and amazement of this beauty. Further they travel, through a gold and orange nebula, the waves of color flowing from where they are across the great expanse of space and time.

They are kissing. Wrapped into one another, light waves flowing in every direction. Her heart is a rosebud, that rapidly unfolds it’s petals. Arms legs hands wrap around each other entwined, then separated. She is dancing, spinning freely. Laughing.

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