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Steamy Stars
by Aura Wright.
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July 1-7 2010 If you’re looking for some 4th of July fireworks, this week – you’ll get em. A love bandit is on the loose, so keep your eye on those you are committed to. Unless, of course, YOU are looking to commit some late-night love crimes. In that case, whip out your box of sparklers and a pair of hot-pants. It’s all star spangled bras and panties after that.

HOTTEST DATE NIGHT – The 4th is filled with enough whiz-bang to carry you through the rest of the week, or several for that matter. Keep a fire-hydrant handy.

You are torn between impulse and neatness this week. It’s no fun to tear that hottie’s shirt off when all you can do is worry about how to mend the mess afterwards. My suggestion is to rent a hotel room, buy a costume and leave the clean-up to maid-service.

Someone wants to shower you with compliments, kisses and rose-petals this week. Are you willing to accept it? The question in your mind, is the age old, ‘Yeah, but will you respect me in the morning?’ The answer of course is – only if they respected you in the first

When you repress that bubbling vat of passion – it just explodes to the surface with greater force. You may go against your better judgement and blurt out some heated words of passion when everyone (including you) least expects it. That’s what you get for keeping them down for too long.

Your uneasiness about a new passion or relationship can be put to rest by focusing on the mundane details of life. Clean the house, garden, organize the sock drawer, whatever it takes to keep your mind off the anxiety of emotion. Once you ease your own nerves, you’ll be surprised at how fast the other half of your obsession comes a callin’.

Attention for it’s own sake can be a good time, but sooner or later, someone will come along who’s opinion you value, and then you’ll re-evaluate your strategy. Dressing up and yelling like Tarzan will certainly get you noticed. I’m not sure it will get you laid, but it will definitely get you noticed.

You have a definite case of ‘antsy pants’ this week. This is not to be confused with ‘pansy pants’. One causes you to hurl yourself towards a challenge and the other causes you to run and hide inside the nearest ice-cream parlor.

If you make it a habit to let others fight a battle for you, pretty soon you will find that you no longer have the ability to do it yourself. The same is true for love, if you’re farming out your sentiments (to Hallmark or Harlequin) pretty soon you’ll find your own skills getting weak. Speak from the heart, it’s the only thing that matters.

Like a swashbuckling cavalier you can win the heart of any man/maiden with your deft moves and ballooning pantaloons. Well, keep a handle on the ballooning part, lest you turn your seduction into a comedy, at your expense. Well, maybe that’s not such a bad idea, humor is the lost erogenous zone.

You must be in training for the sextathalon. When pressures mount, you need a good, um, release. This is one week where you have that feeling, again, and again, and again… I hope your partner has a lot of stamina, ’cause they will have a hard time keeping up.

Even if it gives you a sexual thrill, please avoid being your own proctologist. There is only so much focus on the southern region of your life experience that anyone else can handle. Analysis and obsession are best saved for the freudian couch. In the meantime use your own couch for more savory pleasures.

To do battle over an intangible ideal may give you great pleasure, but most other people get a headache from it. And that’s not sexy. You will improve your seduction skills by about 100,000% when you let go of the ideological rants and instead talk about moonlight and constellations.

If you are pining over a love that’s lost, try to keep a good perspective. You’ve gotta have both the practical AND the romantic side of love for it to last. Too much focus on just the flowery speeches and rose-petals are nice, but don’t count for much if you’re sleeping on the sidewalk.

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