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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know by now that Google plus + is the new social network from our friends at Google. It is also one of the most coveted invitations of the century. They have done a very good job of creating desire by limiting the number of people they allow in all at once. Is it a marketing ploy or a way to keep the technology under control as they evolve Google Plus to the Beta crowd’s specs? Who knows, but I don’t really think it matters. Weather or not its a ‘ploy’ it is part of G+ creation of an authentic relationship with it’s users.

And who are the users of Google plus? From the start these are mostly self-labeled techno geeks. And yes, the endless posts and re-posts about what Tech leaders are doing can get tedious. But Google Plus has an answer for this, it’s the Mute button which allows you to mute a certain user. Personally, I like to stay updated on the tech front, but then, I like tech. The fact that Google Plus is THE preeminent gathering place for all people on the cutting edge of tech and innovation should be reason enough for most business owners to want to be involved. It should also give gadget lovers a reason to be there too. Your casual photo user or friend and family oriented person is more likely to stay at Facebook, and some are already making groaning noises at the idea of moving to Google – the seemingly less fun network.

But, that’s not how I see it. I see the main advantages of Google Plus as being the privacy first features that Google Plus circles allow you (see embedded video)

Google Plus

Also, you can now get your Google Plus on your smartphone: Droid, iPhone and Ipad:

Google Plus

Google Plus

on iTunes

Google Plus

– Better for Business? That seems to be the consensus. Zeny Huang of Mashable thinks so. Even if some say it’s too early to tell, I agree that Google plus is in the driver’s seat here with its ability to provide a great suite of all around tools and usefulness for Business owners. and that goes way beyond just Google Plus itself.

Some of my favorite tools that go beyond Google Plus (and which integrate with Google Plus) include:

Google Docs – a place to save important docs to the cloud so you don’t risk losing them. Very easy to share as well, even allowing real-time online file sharing and editing within meetings.

Hangouts – Live video conferencing. Great free tool, goodbye webinar services and fees.

Google Checkout and the Google Base marketplace. It would just be dumb to overlook the power of putting your products into the #1 game on the internet. And Google provides a great alternative to PayPal for taking payments – who has legendary complaints against them all over the internet.

I personally LOVE the Google Plus Calendar – which allows you to create public and private events, send yourself reminders (priceless for someone like me!), add links, and color code events for easy reference. Did I say I LOVE this!?

Other unsung benefits closely affiliated with Google Plus are Google Groups, Blogger, Google Reader (for keeping up with your favorite Blogs), Google Groups, YouTube Videos and of course your customized Google Start page. Google Plus is just a place that allows you to keep all these things together and organized – whew! I find that to be a huge relief.

Some people worry that with the advent of Google Plus, Google now has too much info about them. And I do understand that point of view. But personally, I have found that this has allowed me to make the web a far friendlier place, where I can actually find what I want (because these social media giants now have a pretty good idea of what I want). If we are all suffering from Information overload in this, the information age, then I say, ‘Thank you’ to Google and Google Plus for creating a way to manage this info and make it more efficient.

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